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"The Key " Discussion Questions

  1. Which character did you like the most? Least?

  2. Share your favorite quote from “The Key.” Why did this quote stand out to you?

  3. Which scene stuck with you most?

  4. Which other character would’ve made an interesting protagonist?

  5. Of the Continent Islands that were mentioned in “The Key,” which concerns you the most?

  6. What do you think of Captain Tzatara as the most feared pirate captain in all of Xyntriav?

  7. Share your feelings about the underground cult. How do you feel about their society? What do you suppose they’re planning?

  8. What do you think is wrong with Empress Renée?

  9. Visit                              and refresh your memory on the Cataras Springs. From which Spring would you drink if you got to drink from them?

  10. What are your feelings on Ravan, the Mysterious Man in the Silver Cloak?

  11. Of the mystical creatures depicted in “The Key,” which is your favorite?

  12. Did the ending surprise you?

  13. Which of the fairies in the Fairy Circle would you like to be if you got to choose? (Chapter 20)

  14. Would you read “The Key” again?

  15. What do you think will happen to Nadia?

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