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ISBN 978-84-616-2657-1

      He is universally renowned as a useless burden in the midst of a continent-wide war. Does he have what it takes to be the agent of victory?
      Gerardo of Liko is the lone survivor of a battle to the death, though he'd argue he'd be better off if he wasn't. Especially when he's tasked to rescue a prisoner of war, Jorge of En Why, who happens to be his greatest enemy on a personal level. Evidently, Jorge is destined to bring an end to the Stone War, so Gerardo agrees to take on the mission. Upon being captured in the process of releasing Jorge from the clutches of the enemy, Gerardo accepts his impending demise, and even welcomes it.
      But not all hope is lost. Rein Bow, a pixie with prophetic dreams, understands the importance of rescuing Gerardo. She recruits the help of a forest sprite and a colony of rodents living within the walls of the enemy's palace to devise an elaborate prison break. Meanwhile, Jorge's conscience, along with his fellow warriors who had escaped with him, urge him to use his shape-shifting abilities to repay Gerardo's efforts. Will Jorge be able to set aside his personal disgust and become the competent warrior required to rescue Gerardo? Will Jorge's and Rein's combined efforts be enough? And will Jorge's experiences mold him into the proficient warrior capable of bringing peace back to the United Empires?
      "Follow" is only the beginning. Within these pages is the birth of two majestic families whose generations are chronicled in this epic fantasy series filled with specters, fairies, elves, dragons, mermaids, and more. If you enjoy fantasy stories filled with adventure, politics, and the struggles with the balance of emotion and logic, "The Rose Tree Chronicles" is for you.

The Key                         Download an Excerpt

ISBN 978-84-617-0429-3

     A naiad faces two choices: Will you do what it takes to save your adopted mermaid daughter? Or, will you risk your life and the lives of others to satisfy your own selfish desires? Which will she choose?
        Empress Renée has been told numerous times to lighten up. Her negativity and oppressive nature are effecting the health of Nadia, the only heir to the throne of the Five Oceans. She is finally informed that if she doesn't change her attitude by the time the rose bud on the key she is given has fully bloomed, Nadia will be sent some place where she can live a full and happy life. However, this key unlocks a wonder that Renée decides to take advantage of to end a personal problem she believes will solve everything... or does she really believe that?
       Meanwhile, as a result of her last adventure, Rein Bow remains a wingless pixie. When she learns that the empress plans to seek out the Mystery Miracle Worker for help, she decides to tag along as this is who can give her wings again. Unfortunately, traveling with someone who flaunts a key that the most power-hungry of people desire provides Rein with a whole new set of obstacles. Will Empress Renée submit to her own selfish desires, or will she do what it takes to save her adopted daughter? Can Rein help the empress see the light? Or will they both suffer at the hands of the many criminals after the key?
       "The Key" officially sets "The Rose Tree Chronicles" in motion. Here is where the ocean meets the land, a collision unwelcome by most and if all seafolk are like Empress Renée, it may not be difficult to see why. Fraught with personal struggles and new mysterious characters, "The Key" is the spark to ignite the inferno that is "The Rose Tree Chronicles."

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Silver Skeletons           Download an Excerpt

ISBN 978-1-7341814-8-7

      If prophecies are destined to come to pass, how is it that even a queen can interfere with one? And what does it mean for the future of the kingdom?

      The silent battle between land and sea intensifies when Nadia is sent to reside with the Royal Family of Noelle, and Queen Ariana decides she has a much better idea. With the help of her retired White Knight, Sir Rallian, Nadia is enslaved and Ariana initiates her plan to make Noelle an empire again. However, the mutually beneficial relationship between the queen and former knight is under pressure when Sir Rallian discovers Nadia's value and Queen Ariana begins to question if the she made the right decision letting Nadia live. Will this powerful friendship withstand the test of greed?
      Meanwhile, the Royal Advisor, Polaris, looks a fool as what he announced to be a prophecy no longer appears as such. Furthermore, correcting the intended course of events is more complicated with the queen involved, not to mention Nadia is seafolk AND cursed. Poor Rein Bow also finds herself overwhelmed and powerless in helping Nadia, and she hopes that joining forces with Polaris and his resources against this cruel villain will be enough to deliver the princess-turned-slave. Will Polaris manage to save his reputation without committing treason? Will Nadia have the better life she was promised outside the ocean?

      The story of the descendants of King Jorge and Emperor Gerardo continues in this tension-packed Book Three of "The Rose Tree Chronicles." New unique characters are introduced and clash in this fight for a prophecy to be fulfilled. Powerful alliances are strained and personal feelings are mingled in politics. Read "Silver Skeletons" and immerse yourself in a world of war and prophecy.

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